Inside Midland Red - Recommendations & Comments

Here are just some of the feedback and comments we have received from buyers of Ashley Wakelin’s new book Inside Midland Red. You can find out more about the book, its author Ashley, and buy it online by following this link.

“Ashley, my book arrived this morning, it’s fabulous, congratulations on a super book. Thank you again.” — S.B., Tamworth

“Inside Midland Red – What a beautiful book, maybe an idea for a gift.” — Visit Tamworth

“Yes a very very good read, and lots of many anecdotes by a guy who was there at the centre of things. A MUST for any Midland ‘Red’ devotees. You won’t regret your purchase.” — P.K.

“Totally agree. Lots of good stories. Heres to the next book!” — M.S.

“Really loving the ‘Inside Midland Red’ book.” — D.T., Stafford

“Great book, bought back a lot of memories of my early days at Leamington garage in the 1950s and 60s.” — J.W.

“I started work at Leamington garage 1953 till 1956, then back in 1960 after army service as a driver. I’ve a life long interest in Midland Red and found Ashley’s book a most interesting read.” — J.W.

“Just feel I would like to say how much I am enjoying reading Ashley Wakelin’s book ‘Inside Midland Red’. So much of it reminds me of my experiences as a young lad (albeit 10 years earlier). From spending my life outside Sutton Coldfield garage watching comings and goings and wondering what actually went on inside to finding Central Works and trying to blag my way in (less successfully than Ashley unfortunately). Days out with my Junior Anywhere Ticket and arriving home late due to letting several buses pass (usually D7s) whilst I waited for a particular bus to arrive. I also experienced the same lack of understanding of my ‘strange’ obsession from my parents who I think destroyed all my Midland Red photographs from the very early to mid 60s. Very jealous of Ashley’s experience driving an S15, has been top of my bucket list for as long as I can remember. Excellent read!!” — J.B.

“Yes Ashley’s book is excellent.” — P.K., Leamington Spa.

“Inside Midland Red was my Christmas present from my wife. I agree that it is an excellent read. I lived in Four Oaks from 1959 to 1961 and went all over the Midlands with my 5/- Day Anywhere ticket - Derby, Nottingham, Stafford, Shrewsbury, Northampton, Hereford amongst others, although I never made it to Banbury. Best days of my life.” — J.B.

“I’m pleased Ashley mentioned the great Philip Burton, the traffic schedules genius at NN. A nicer chap you couldn’t meet, in tweed suit and short sighted specs, but he had a computer brain and the wierdest handwriting I ever saw. One of Phil’s favourite sayings when under pressure was ‘anything can happen - and will!’ He also spoke fluent German (he spent his holidays in Austria every year) and although he never swore (at least in English) he told me once that if people were winding him up he would swear a bit in German under his breath, as they had no idea what he was saying! A lovely bloke with a great sense of humour, to who nothing was too much trouble if you needed assistance.” — M.H.

“Excellent book, my father encouraged my interest.” — R.O.G

“Many thanks Ashley. Your book ‘Inside Midland Red’ arrived today.....So far a very good read, a lot of things that we remember vividly. I was the engineer on duty that foggy morning who heard the words ‘You better come quick, I no top!’ and said ‘Can’t you get it back in third gear?’, only to hear that ‘it’ (D9 4989) was actually sliced open on top after colliding with the scenery in the fog after venturing down the quarry lane at Hartshill (well traffic did tell him to get straight up there and pick up the service!). Inside Midland Red - Highly recommended.” — M.H.

“Dear Ashley. I have very much enjoyed your book Inside Midland Red as it brought back many memories of my experiences of spending hours in Bearwood garage as an early teenager in 1956. I got to know the famous Mr Briggs from the publicity department in 1956 who dished out the fleet books when schoolboys wrote in.” — R.M.

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